Yard Waste
Sep 01, 2014
Fall yard waste collection runs from October 15 through the end of November -- or earlier if the ...READ MORE »

Chipping in the Fall
Sep 01, 2014
Chipping is done once a week in September and October.  There are not any specific days...READ MORE »



Welcome to the Town of Blooming Grove

Blooming Grove is located in central Dane County Wisconsin and borders the city of Madison to the West, village of McFarland and town of Dunn to the South, town of Cottage Grove to the East, and the city of Madison and town of Burke to the North.

Blooming Grove has 1816 residents who reside in five different school districts: Madison, Monona Grove, Oregon, McFarland and Sun Prairie. All residents are served by the Town Board, Fire Department, Public Works Department and Office Staff.


Chipping and Yard Waste Collection in the Fall

Chipping will be done weekly during the months of September and October.  Yard waste collection begins October 15 and goes until the end of November or until the snow falls -- whichever is earlier.  Click on "Notices" to the left for more details.


Town Website Features

Our homepage has information for residents and visitors alike. Under the Cemetery menu, you'll find a listing of each burial that has taken place since the cemetery's existence.  This listing is updated once a year, usually in January or February.  There is a lot guide and searchable database so you can find anyone buried in the cemetery.  Under the Forms and Permits section, we've added forms for obtaining a building permit, as well as the fee schedule.  Finally under the zoning section, there are forms and FAQ's for obtaining a rezone, CUP, variance, and CSM.  Check out all of our links and forms, and keep an eye out for more in the future.

Disclaimer:  The information on this web site is provided as a service. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information; however, the Town of Blooming Grove reserves the right to provide updated or revised information to correct any inaccuracies and this website should not be considered an official record of Blooming Grove.

Calendar of Events

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