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Welcome to the Town of Blooming Grove

Blooming Grove is located in central Dane County, Wisconsin and borders the City of Madison to the West, Village of McFarland and Town of Dunn to the South, Town of Cottage Grove to the East, and the City of Madison to the North.

Blooming Grove has approximately 1785 residents who reside in four different school districts: Madison, Monona Grove, Oregon, and McFarland. All residents are served by the Town Board, the Town Plan Commission, the Public Works Department and Office Staff.


Town Office Hours

Normal office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:00am to noon on Friday.  Exceptions: The Town Office will be closed on Friday, August 12, Friday, August 19, and Friday, August 26.


Town Road Project

N. Fair Oaks Avenue will be resurfaced north of the railroad tracks to Commercial Avenue, from July 18 through 31.  During this two-week span the road will be open only to those who live on or around that section of N. Fair Oaks Avenue.  Through traffic must take alternate routes.  City of Madison bus routes will be taking a detour during this time to avoid the road construction.


Dane County Fair: July 20-24

The Dane County Fair at the Alliant Energy Center is the Blue Ribbon of Summer!  Enjoy seeing animals of all shapes and sizes, including horses, monkeys and tigers.  There are thrilling carnival rides, delicious fair food, live music and free daily shows including motorcycle stunts and racing pigs.  Admission prices is just $8 for adults and $3 for children between the ages of 6 and 11.  Children 5 years old and younger are admitted free.  For more information...


  Town Website Features

In the "Forms and Permits" section you can find the dog license application, the form to obtain a building permit, various election forms, and many others.  The Calendar shows you when upcoming meetings will be held (of the Town Board and Plan Commission), election dates, etc.


Disclaimer:  The information on this web site is provided as a service. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information; however, the Town of Blooming Grove reserves the right to provide updated or revised information to correct any inaccuracies and this website should not be considered an official record of Blooming Grove.

Calendar of Events

Jul 27, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Aug 09, 2016, Tue 07:00am
Aug 10, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Aug 10, 2016, Wed 05:30pm
Aug 24, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Sep 05, 2016, Mon All Day
Sep 14, 2016, Wed 05:30pm
Sep 14, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Sep 28, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Oct 12, 2016, Wed 05:30pm
Oct 12, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Oct 26, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Nov 08, 2016, Tue 07:00am
Nov 09, 2016, Wed 06:30pm
Nov 09, 2016, Wed 05:30pm
Nov 14, 2016, Mon 06:30pm
Nov 22, 2016, Tue 06:30pm
Nov 24, 2016, Thu All Day
Nov 25, 2016, Fri All Day
Dec 14, 2016, Wed 05:30pm