Chipping Policy

Public Works chips brush weekly in September and October.  There are no specific days for chipping, as it depends on other priorities and the weather.  But staff will go through the entire Town to chip once a week during this time.

Here is what the Town will chip:

  • branches up to 6″ in diameter
  • the equivalent of  4′ high, 8′ wide and 12′ long amount of brush per occurrence
  • trees only if their trunk is 6″ in diameter or less
  • brush that is uniformly stacked, untangled and with cut ends facing the same direction
  • brush that is separated from other material such as trash, yard waste or thorny plants
  • smaller branches if left in a pail or similar container

Here is what won’t be chipped:

  • anything over 6″ in diameter
  • more than 4′ x 8′ x 12′ worth of brush at one time
  • a tree (or any part of a tree) taken down, if the trunk is more than 6″ in diameter
  • tree roots, stumps, root balls or logs
  • brush that’s mixed with other material such as trash, yard waste or thorny plants
  • material that results from the clearing of a lot
  • any material resulting from someone who was paid to do the work (tree-cutting, tree-trimming, etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns about the Town’s chipping service, contact Cory Buske at 608-575-2369.